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 Join this FREE 5-Day Challenge for Women 35+ to discover HOW to SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCE HUNGER, CRAVINGS, and NIGHTTIME EATING so that you can FINALLY LOSE WEIGHT and KEEP IT OFF!

MARCH 18-22, 2024

LADIES! You DO NOT need to consistently be dealing with the following:

  • multiple cups of coffee to get you through your day, especially that mid-afternoon crash

  • cravings that seem out of control

  • wandering around the kitchen, in and out of the pantry and fridge, looking for something to eat but nothing seems to strike your fancy

  • endless nighttime snacking because you truly feel starving, and then dealing with the guilt that follows because you "know better"


Despite what may feel "normal" to you, these are all signs that your body is not functioning optimally.


These symptoms WERE common among many of the women I work with.


As someone who was once 50 pounds overweight and felt like garbage (no better way to describe that), I KNOW your struggles. I took charge when I was 42 years old, and have never looked back! And now it's your turn!


I will show you EXACTLY HOW to put an end to these symptoms! No gimmicks, no supplements - just some simple shifts in your nutrition habits that ANYONE can implement!

Gain the MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS in your back pocket to FEEL GREAT and LOSE WEIGHT in a way that you will KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD, including:


The one NON-NEGOTIABLE strategy you MUST implement in your nutrition that is often overlooked by many.


How to strategically plan your meals for optimal energy (don't worry - no fasting here!)


How to make this a lasting lifestyle change that will pay off in multiple ways, including weight loss!


STEP 1 - Sign up with one of the links on this page.

STEP 2 - Once you opt in, watch your inbox for all of the details! We start March 18th!

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Hey...I'm Coach Carmen! I am SO excited you are here!

As someone who was once 50lbs overweight and going through the motions of life exhausted and overweight with a sense of hopelessness, I understand SO many of the struggles you may be dealing with.

I can't wait to share with you some NON-NEGOTIABLE nutrition strategies to have you FEELING AMAZING, AND get the ball rolling so that you can LOSE WEIGHT and KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD!

I can't wait to see you in my challenge!



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