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FREE 7-DAY COURSE to GAIN the STRATEGIES and TOOLS that helped me SUCCESSFULLY LOSE 50 pounds in my 40s... and KEEP IT OFF!



I hear this question SO frequently that I decided to put together this FREE 7-DAY BODY TRANSFORMATION COURSE to provide YOU with the strategies and tools that have helped me transform my body and lifestyle, lose 50 pounds over the age of 40, and keep it off! 

I promise, these strategies are simple so that you can apply them right away and start working toward your goals. Your journey does NOT need to be complicated!

This 7-day email course is TOTALLY FREE - NO OBLIGATION REQUIRED!

As someone who was once 50 pounds overweight and felt like garbage (no better way to describe that), I KNOW your struggles. I took charge when I was 42 years old, and have never looked back! And now it's your turn!


I will show you EXACTLY HOW to KICKSTART YOUR BODY TRANSFORMATION so that you can finally do this once and for all! No gimmicks, no supplements - just some simple lifestyle shifts that ANYONE can implement!

You'll have the MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS in your back pocket to FEEL GREAT and LOSE FAT in a way that you will KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD!


STEP 1 - Sign up with one of the links on this page.

STEP 2 - Once you opt in, watch your inbox to confirm your email address. After that, you'll receive one email a day for 7 days.
Each email will include one of my Top 7 Secrets for Success, PLUS all of the tools and steps for you to TAKE ACTION!

STEP 3 - Take the tips and tools and run with them, putting you on the path to success!
The email course and tools are yours to keep so that you can implement the steps whenever it fits into your schedule. However, the most successful transformations are the ones that don't wait for the perfect time... because there never is one! A small action taken daily will yield results. 

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Hey...I'm Coach Carmen! I am SO excited you are here!

As someone who was once 50 lbs overweight and going through the motions of life exhausted with a sense of hopelessness, I understand SO many of the struggles you may be dealing with.


I started my health journey when I was 42, and have never looked back! And I want the same for you.

My passion in life is to teach women how to live their healthiest lives and fuel their bodies in a balanced and sustainable way. In a way that promotes an optimally running metabolism so that you can finally work WITH your body, and not against it. 


My clients clear their minds of diet culture and all the latest "dos and don'ts." The last thing you need is to be at the mercy of countless influencers telling you what to do. What you do need is to know how to fuel your body, what to fuel it with, and most importantly, why.

I guarantee, my own personal experience, along with my experience of helping other women, WILL bring you the results you're looking for!



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